Concerts are a beyond great experience for anyone at any age. Nothing compares to moments that happen after you purchase a ticket to see one of your favorite artists. Some that are so great, they become unforgettable. Some of the best concert moments are the ones you can share with your kid someday. The moments that not only leave you feeling incredibly happy but really in touch with yourself, the artist and their music. Here are 11 of the best moments at a concert.

1. Pre-Show High
Whether it’s jamming out in the car on the way up to the venue or tailgating before the show. There are no real words to express that pre-show high that has you all pumped with adrenaline before the gates even open!

2. When the artist covers one of your favorite throwbacks.
Because let’s be real, what’s better than when your favorite artist starts jamming out to Ignition.

3. When you already know/love the opening acts.
I mean, it’s always super cool going to a concert and discovering a new artist, but what’s really cool is seeing somebody you already listen to and have a love for. It’s like a 2 in 1 concert!!

4. When the artist goes into the crowd.
Whether you have floor seats or sitting in the nose bleeds, watching any artist get close and interact with their fans is an incredible moment for not only the fans but the artist as well.

5. When the artist has a ‘heart to heart’ with the crowd.
Nothing beats your favorite artist telling everyone how much they are worth and sharing experiences they have gone through with the crowd. It brings on a whole new connection you never thought you could have with someone famous. Especially when, and they probably don’t realize it, they give us words of encouragement it can be that little help to keep us pushing through.

6. When you don’t think they are going to come out for an encore, but then they do.
Encores are some of the greatest moments during a concert. From previous concert experience, for the most part, the artist picks some of their favorite songs to do for the encore. Not the ones that are always on the radio, but the ones that you can tell they pour their heart into.

7. When they are singing a song and let the crowd finish the verse.
These moments are life changing. For both artist and fan. When you see the artist turn their mic to the crowd and everyone sings in unison, it’s a moment indescribable. Often it can be an emotional moment for the artist seeing a full crowd singing their song.

8. When it’s a heart felt song and the whole audience has their phones lighting up the venue.
If you’ve been to a concert, you’ve experienced this. When that one person holds up their flashlight on their phone and suddenly it’s a wave of light being flashed in the entire crowd. As the artist continues to sing, you see everyone singing along, waving their phones, it brings you to a place you could never imagine. You get that warm feeling that you are never alone and you share one thing in common with everyone in the crowd. Your love for music.

9. Making friends with the people you meet at the show.
It’s a great moment when you start chatting up with the people in line or sitting next to you. Asking them where they are from when they started listening to the artist. It’s like an instant click. Sometimes, you end up swapping numbers and gaining lifelong friends.

10.When they sing your favorite song.
We all know it, we have that one artist whose music we love everything they create. But there is always that one song that gets you, that one song that stands out from the rest. When that song begins to play, your scream could break a glass.

11. Post-Concert high
Your adrenaline is pumping, a smile never leaves your face. The feeling you get when any great concert has come to an end is not only a great one but also a sad one. Then you spend the next month or so continuously wishing you could relive it and watching the videos over and over again because you never wanted it to end.